Aliya Mustafina, the most decorated Gymnast of the Quadrennium

The Main Begining
A success Story that anyone should share.
Not only is Aliya my all time favorite gymnast for the past four years (knocking Dominique Moceanu off of num.1 on my list), but she has the story to back it up!
This Russian star came fresh into her senior debut at the 2010 worlds championship, literally rocking the house.
In the russian eyes, she was the next Big thing, the next Khorkina.
In the American eyes, she had “it” and seemed blissfully unstoppable, as NBC’s prying eyes was widened to such an amazing talent.. and for once.. it wasn’t all about the American’s. Suddenly Aliya was categorized as Fierce, Talented, the next big thing and the “it” girl.
Mustafina didn’t make the pressure get in her way, as she stormed through the competition with only 1 error of nearly 19 routines.
Suddenly the world was shock, a sixteen year old Russian had completely cleaned up at such a prestigous event making her the first person to qualify for all event finals since 1997 and making her the first since 2001 to take home 5 individual medals.
This alone gave Mustafina a name for herself, as she presented a gymnastics personality of her own, securing her own originality as she apparently has no idols.

Unfortunately in 2011, mustafina tore her ACL performing her Amanar, a vault which hardly anyone was doing until she injured herself on it. The queen was out of competition for about a year and returned eager to get back in the scene. some questionned weather she would be fit enough by august as her recovery was not as easy as expected due to on going back problems and swelling of the knee. As a matter of fact, at the olympics, Mustafina still experienced pains in her shins as well as her team mates – this may have been due to the new floor at Lake Krugloye according to Alexander Alexandrov.

The Olympics
As we all know, most Gymnast’s that tear their ACL usually take quite awhile to comeback or they usually just dont – it’s known as a career ender.
Aliya was not about to make that ruin her Olympics.

All Around and TF’s
The beautiful Russian star started her competition off by qualifying 4th into the all around as well as qualifying on Uneven bars and Floor Excercise. Mustafina performed with poised during the team competition to help Russia to a silver medal despite her shaky beam routine.
Next would come the all around. Mustafina stuck her DTY, of which it seemed according to all press it,one could only stand on the podium if they performed an amaner. Mustafina wanted to define the odds. STuck DTY…
Next bars – Mustafina performed beautifully and recieved a 16.1 making her the only next gymnast to perform a bar routine in the 16’s. Next came beam. Unfortunately Aliya has not had time to work on her confidence on the apparatus, jumping off on her Arabian – a skill which she performed wonderfully, she just doubted herself.
Alexandra Raisman of the U.S. was who she would be fighting with to gain a bronze medal. Raisman ended up wobbling all over the beam, dropping her score significantly low. Mustafina knew now what she had to do.
She went into Fx and performed the floor routine of her life – wonderful executuion!  Raisman decided to stay safe and clean and with that, they were awarded the same all around score total – bringing in the tie breaker – both beam scores dropped, all the other 3 counted – MUSTAFAAA BRONZE!

Individual honours and great succes
Uneven bars – Mustafina went into the Uneven bar final completely flocked with talent around her, 4 girls capable of being Gold medalists, adding Aliya, making it 5.
But Alka refused to leave without gold. In a spectacular performance of difficulty and artistry, she led Russia to their first Gold in gymnastics at the olympic games since 2000. A score of 16.1 flashed on the board and the crowd chanted “aleeyah aleeyah”.. what a divine moment for the queen 😀

Floor Ex Last day of gymnastics, last day to make more of an impression on the gymnastics world. Aliya qualified last into the floor event final, but with her great execution and mouth watering choreography, she managed to put herself back onto the podium. So here it is, this girl that hardly trained floor, the Bronze medalists on that podium. Oh Aliya, you never seise to perform like a champion.

A young girl from Russia – 6 months ago could never dream of a medal at the olympics.. much were skeptical about her being able to be fit in time.
But Aliya beat over 60 girls+ (more than that, not sure of exact num) to earn her place in the All Around final. Even after not performing a amanar and a fall from the beam, aliya still medaled.. if that doesn’t say something to you.. idk what will. The girl is a fighter, a true champion!
She qualified for two event finals and medaled in every event she toke place in.
Four medals for Musty, Gold, Silver and 2 Bronze.
The most decorated gymnast male/female of the 2012 olympics!
What a come back ❤

We’re all proud of you Mustafina!

9 Medals from One World championship and One Olympics – WOW

A quick opinion in Gymnastics

I can as equally love Chinese and Romanian gymnastics.
The U.S is on a different level. No I don’t mean that they’re that fucking good – they are- what I do mean is that it’s as if they are in a whole different sport.. more like.. cheer leading gymnastics.
Sorry America, get with the program.
It’s sad that FIG support’s this, support’s this new “difficulty matters more over execution/artistry”.. well they were the ones who put it in place, there fore they are the ones who should be tied down and forced to watch an American bar routine in slow motion.
What FIG is doing here is ruining the sport.
The sport of ARTISTIC Gymnastics.
So that’s why I believe my poor Russian babies are struggling so much to keep up with the U.S women (same goes for CHN & ROM).
It’s simple, Russia clearly does not want to let go of they’re artistic roots, their classical beauty with Ballet and elegance embedded into each little star that they bring up. This tradition is the same tradition that won them multiple goals in the soviet era, where they were clearly unbeatable. They were comfortable with this gymnastics. Unfortunately now the tables have turned, slowly the fluidity in balance beam, the perfect landings on vault and even more unfortunate.. the classical beauty in dance on floor is slowly perishing due to the scoring system that requires so much difficulty which makes it very hard to include any artistry in modern routines. The American’s have clearly taken advantage of this, making their gymnast strong and masculine. Whilst the Russian gymnast’s are more supple, they usually cannot stand the heavy loads that the American’s can, therefore they have to rely on their tactics, which include technicality in gymnastics and not just powering through everything. For the Russian’s, everything must be perfect. The feet must be perfectly in lined with the Beam, or they’re just not satisfied.
At the end of the day this just mean’s one thing. FIG must make changes within the scoring system to accommodate beauty and to replenish Artistry back into Artistic gymnastics. I hope it happens soon, so the American’s themselves can correct the younger gymnast, that they may improve on their form + be capable of hitting 180 degree splits (majority of them suck at this, hence the reason why they don’t often include switch ring’s into their routines). Maybe then gymnastics will be even more so exciting.
As it is now, if this keep’s up, were watching the Artistic era go down the drain. Bela Karolyi himself has made the remark to say that he doesn’t feel that a gymnast need’s to be so elegant. What about Nadia huh Bela? The gymnast you coached that brought Romania it’s fame with so many perfect 10’s.. the first gymnast to ever score a perfect 10 – one of the most elegant gymnast I have seen to this day.
Bela – go eat your words.

At the end of the day, were watching the last of the last of classical gymnast’s fade away from our very eyes. Russia may not be able to keep this up much longer – perhaps one day they may have to give into the brutal scoring system for a chance to win more medals. Let’s hope that mother Russia hang’s on and continues to push FIG into bringing back a more sensible scoring system to better the sport within it’s originality.


To hell with starting off with my name, only Gymnastics matters.

08 was the year gymnastics really hit me. I remember being so amazed and glued to the television.
Of course I knew nothing about the sport, so suddenly I was rooting for the US was viewing via NBC.. now I know how bad they suck at commentating + i love the Russians! After finally obsessing over the sport and getting to learn more on it to do with the scoring system and the programs the gymnast go through, I started to enjoy The Russian and Chinese gymnasts more. Their so elegant – ugh, I cant even handle it. So i still watch the American’s perform, but I’d rather see the Russians.

It’s simple – I prefer to be in awe rather saying “oh, that was exciting”

– lina

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